Marijuana May Face Financial Crisis

The fact of the matter is, it is federally prohibited for a bank or credit union to accept monies from marijuana sales.  The cannabis industry is growing at a expeditious rate and if the financial requirements of these companies arn’t met, companies will be forced to deal on a cash basis which will limit these companies growth.  The banks refused on average last year an estimated 35-50 million dollars in the United States, leaving merchandising businesses to fend for their finances themselves.  Without these companies having access to basic financial services, how are companies supposed to operate in the long term and how do they secure their monies.  With this in mind, MARY JANE & ASSOCIATES sought an answer for this problem.  THCoin is the solution to the problem.  THCoin; the pot of gold,  is a financial technological platform that uses the cryptocurrency, THCoin as a medium of exchange. THCoin was created specifically and only for the cannabis industry and community.

Stay tuned.  The first phase of building THCoin is completed.

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