Government Fails Society’s Demand

The state government is failing society by not giving access to a viable medical treatment option to those who really need it, especially the vets. Lest we not forget.  Sadly once again veterans needs are disregarded.  The State cannot meet the demands of society and suffers in finding a resolution to the matter at hand.  This should be enough for the federal government to step in and oversee that society’s needs are met.  This means of course the federal government needs to make changes in its policy regarding marijuana.  Federally regulating Marijuana is on the only avenue the US government has at the moment to rectify the obvious demand for medical marijuana.  It is apparent that the federal government does not want to legalize marijuana but what about introducing a federal medical marijuana legislation which meets the demands of society.  If the federal government won’t legalize it, at least decriminalize it in so that the American marijuana industry can continue to grow.

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