The Crackdown of Toronto Dispensaries

There are 30 operating dispensaries according to Weedmaps.  There are also a handful of dispensaries operating without any marketing.  Each dispensary is managed differently which can deeply affect the chances of being raided.  Dispensaries pose a public safety issue. Some citizens have already been caught in the “Cross-Fire” during a criminal raid. By no ways am I supporting illegal activity however society must recognize that marijuana dispensaries have no plan on leaving and public safety must be addressed.

Dispensaries have a better chance of staying open if they operate with caution and do not pose an immediate threat to society.  Dispensaries need to understand how they are currently fitting in society and how to operate ethically so they don’t further perpetuate and amplify the public safety concerns.  No matter how you look at it, dispensaries operate illegally.  Most dispensaries after being closed down by the police re-open within the next couple of days depending on how big the dispensary is.


Here are some tips to run a dispensary with keeping public safety in mind:

  • Choose an area away from child establishments
  • Cater to the upscale clientele
  • Keep product at prices that deter from resale
  • Run the dispensary as a business
  • Keep a float less than $100 at all times
  • Remove money off property as much as needed throughout the day to keep just a float
  • Make clear to clients that public safety is paramount for customers and that cash in never kept on site.
  • Most clients would choose a dispensary that is organized like any other business versus a dispensary that follows no protocol
  • Verify each client every time by government ID, if your clientele is under the age of majority in Ontario, expect to be shut down (you never know when an undercover officer is lurking around)
  • Have a strict code of conduct and revoke clients who do not abide by the code of conduct
  • Refrain from selling edible products in packaging that can be considered attractive to children
  • Security, security, security.  From cameras to a security guard.  If you can’t protect your clients then the police will
  • Make sure your sales arn’t contributing to further creating a black market

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