Cannbinoid 101: Cannabigerol (CBG)

Cannabigerol is one of the lesser studied cannabinoids This cannabinoid is responsible for stimulating appetite without delta-9-THC. CBG must be extracted during its earlier flower stage.  CBG is also found in high concentrations in its hemp partner, cannabis ruderalis.  CBG alone has found to be a powerful anti-bacterial agent to the common bacterial infection, MRSA found in hospitals.  Mikey Kush strain is one Sativa-dominant strain tested with high levels of CBG and THC levels of 28.6%.  Currently, Europe is implementing high CBG trains.

CBC has the following medicinal properties:
1.  Analgesic
2. Anti-Inflammatory
3. Anti-bacterial
4. Anti-fungal
5. Anti-proliferative (reduces cancerous cells from growing)
6. Bone stimulant

There is very little reputable research on this cannabinoid. However, it seems cultivators have jumped on the band wagon in Europe.

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