More Research Needed For Medical Marijuana

It is vital that effects of medical marijuana continue to be studied, however funding for such endeavors seems to slim to null.  Currently, the trend of research focuses on human clinical trials.  In the medical world, the pharmacokintetics of drugs is vital before testing on human subjects.  This does not mean that clinical trials aren’t beneficial because they are however, it is more vital to understand the pharmacokinetics on a deeper level at this current time  in order to understand its efficacy of marijuana.  To this date-there are many in-vivo studies regarding the pharmacokinetics of the marijuana. There are fewer in-vitro studies conducted. Findings of this type of research leads to hypothesis that serve well for the research community to further study, but why arn’t they being further studied?  The governments view of marijuana has changed over the years.  Only recently have governments accepted that marijuana is in fact therapeutic.  The government should make it their priority to understanding how the plant works rather than just creating legislation around marijuana in order to appease society.  There doesn’t seem to be a network for marijuana researchers that collaborate the findings of in-vitro and in-vivo research into new hypothesis to research. This type of research is required before understanding its efficacy in human subjects in so that human clinical trials can be conducted properly and taken seriously within the medical research community. Medical researchers clearly just want to know why and how. Most medical practitioners are concerned with collecting subjective data which means nothing in the medical community.  Medical practitioners should approach clinical trials by conducting research that follows up in-vivo or in-vitro studies. By extrapolating the data from in-vivo and in-vivo studies, medical practitioners are able to use it as a platform to prove their hypothesis with clinical trials.  Without such a platform, the clinical trial produces subjective data rather than objective data that can be proved.  Funding medical research in the lab is costly but funding for research of human subjects is relatively cheap.  The rest of the medical world uses a lab before they conduct clinical trial.  There should be no exception for marijuana.  Marijuana cannot be accepted as an effective medicine until the proper research has been conducted, at least that’s the consensus among medical researchers.



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