Different Kind of Marijuana Edibles

Cannabis culinary has changed over the years.  Most consumers do not know the type of edible they are consuming other than the mg of THC per edible.  Back in the quote on quote “Reefer” days, marijuana edibles were made by extracting plant’s constituents through fat, usually butter. This type of edible was your typical edible […]

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Academic Research Findings in Cannabis Sativa

Most medical research on marijuana is conducted on mice.  These findings suggest many hypotheses.  It is worthy to note that the majority of research conducted on mice use strictly Cannabis Sativa versus Cannabis Indica. Below you will three interesting findings. 1.  Cannabis lowers the extrapyramidal and catatonic effects of Haloperidol.   Haloperidol is potent anti-psychotic which […]

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Cannbinoid 101: Cannabigerol (CBG)

Cannabigerol is one of the lesser studied cannabinoids This cannabinoid is responsible for stimulating appetite without delta-9-THC. CBG must be extracted during its earlier flower stage.  CBG is also found in high concentrations in its hemp partner, cannabis ruderalis.  CBG alone has found to be a powerful anti-bacterial agent to the common bacterial infection, MRSA […]

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Medical Marijuana & Opiates

Marijuana and opiates shares receptor sites at a protein level.  By sharing similar receptors, Marijuana and Opiates can work synergistic with one another.  Marijuana can stimulate pain relief just as an opiate would. Opiates however have more receptor sites that when agonized produces more of an analgesic effect. When someone is using Opiates for pain […]

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