Why use THCoin

If your organization has the problem securing banking for business operations than THCoin, (version 1) is for you. With THCoin, receive and send money anonymously in the fastest and most secure way technology offers. Dealing with ca$h has its benefits but it does carry its downfall. Remove the constraints that solely operating with cash poses by operating on an electronic platform that offers customers anonymity and keeps your business transactions anonymous.

Just by using THCoin, you are partaking in cannabis activism. Upon version 2 release of THCoin, our legal team will be established and will work full-time with working with government counsel worldwide to mandate cannabis legislation that is in the best interest of citizens and the cannabis grass roots community.

We will be developing THCoin in three different versions. Each version carrying additional benefits to its users.

Version 2 of THCoin will be the first asset-backed (backed with the value of cannabis) cryptocurrency in the world and become the “First Bank of Pot”.

Version 3 of THCoin will include an innovative wallet function which allows cannabis cultivators to sell their cannabis through an auctioning system which ensures the most competitive selling price. Dispensaries will also be able to utilize THCoin POS software which tracks real-time trade prices for individual strains. This POS software has an accounting function which can be printed out for accounting purposes.

Version 1 users who keep their monies in THCoin as an investment will reap a fair investment by the time THCoin, version 3 is released.

Version 2 users will receive the benefits of banking with an asset-backed cryptocurrency by receiving credit for every deposit/purchase of THCoin to re-invest. THCoins financial technological platform acts as a central bank because, for every purchase of THCoin, the equivalence in cannabis is purchased and digitally warehoused and held for the reserves of the bank. Version 2 of THCoin may make THCoin a tradeable commodity in the future which will make THCoin, the first cryptocurrency to be traded on an exchange’s market.

Version 2 development will commence upon successful investment into THCoin.